Triera – the dynamic vertical platformer with lots of bonuses and generated unique levels.


An error occurs on a huge interplanetary spaceship called Triera, with four levels of robot-inhabited cities. The error leads to weird changes of all cities. The robot-manufacturing plant starts to produce new robots with malfunctions. All survived robots have to hide on a zero level, while other levels are already inhabited with zombie robots. All service stations in the cities got destroyed. Triera is at the self-vanishing point. But there is a way out: the only service station still exists on a zero level. But will the mechanic robot have a chance to reach the central panel and find out the reasons of this failure? Will he be able to reset the spaceship’s control system?

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2 thoughts on “Triera

  1. Hello, I quite like the demo and would like to make some videos of the full game. Do you have a policy regarding this?
    Please let me know of any restrictions you want me to follow.
    Thanks for the fun game.

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