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  1. Hi, Sivanesh P, a Business Development Associate from Wirecorp Studios.

    Wirecorp Studios is a 3D art outsourcing company headquartered in Chennai, India. We began as a gaming community but have now developed into a 3D design studio. We enjoy playing ARMORED HEAD, and
    Egor Rezenov is a great developer. We’ve successfully worked with a number of companies and supplied 3D graphics on schedule. We offer many levels of detail in low-poly 3D gaming components.
    Since 2019, we have been among the top 3D art outsourcing studios in India, and our prices are lower than those of other outsourcing companies. To demonstrate our skills, we are glad to work on a test model or a comparatively tiny project.

    Click the link to view our business proposal.
    Thank & regarding
    Sivanesh P (BDA)

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