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  1. Hello,

    I am a youtube let’s player and I am very interested in your game. Is there a way to come in contact with you?

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello, how are you?
    My name is Oswaldo, I have a YouTube channel. I was really thrilled with the videos and pictures available from the game, I would have wondered if they could send me a steam key to make review videos of the game. I could open the eyes of the Brazilians to their game with the video.
    The video will be beneficial for both of you. I will bring original content to the channel and you will have a new fan base in Brazil. I hope you accept my offer. I await the answer.

    My channel: youtube.com/dogueira


    • Your Youtube channel is a joke and you never make videos of all the other hundreds of games you pledge to “cover” on Steam. You’re only begging for free keys in the Steam discussion forums.
      If you’re gonna scam developers for free keys at least put some effort into it.

  3. Нашел целиком код, запрятанный в игре. Что с ним делать? 🙂

  4. Hi!
    I saw that your game on Steam has been localized into some languages.
    I happen to be a team lead at a localization team that specializes on game localizations: http://indielocalization.com
    If those are fan translations, me and my colleagues could do the review to proof the overall quality and make everything consistent.
    We specialize on game localization and worked on many titles, mostly through publishers and localization companies, but also directly with devs.

  5. Hello!

    I’m a VERY new youtuber hoping to start uploading letsplay videos to youtube.
    Is there any way to contact you about permissions?


      • Hi,

        Thanks for responding so quickly, sorry I was slow checking back.
        I’d like to request permission to upload gameplay footage of FibrillationHD for a Letsplay, if that would be okay?


  6. Hello
    If your interested, I can translate Fibrillation HD to Arabic.
    Also want to say that I’m a fan of the original fibrillation. I played it multiple times back in 2012 and today I finished the HD remake for the first time and I also loved it.

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